IGN Marketing

1003957_526329017441104_12498831_nSo you have a great product, but you are having some problems identifying the impact of your product in todays marketplace. iGN Worldwide Multimedia can help you establish your brand, drive traffic to your website, strategic product placement, and  give your product on / off line advertisement.

The strongest brands appeal to both economical, logical and emotional needs. We investigate the customer experience and incorporate strong messages with media placements. This will bridge the gap between your brand, your customer, and the bottom line.

Our job is to make your brand more identifiable. We will find out which consumers would be interested in your product, and why should they need or want your product.

In 2006, IGN Worldwide Media attained our first contract for music marketing services, since then we’ve always been committed to managing projects responsibly and building rapport in ways that earn the trust and respect of our clients, partners and neighbors. IGN Worldwide Media provides an array of useful services that include:

Music Production / Studio Recording Mixing Mastering
Event Planning / Promotions
Artist Management Development Booking
Public Relations; Online Marketing / Offline Marketing
Project Design / Management

IGN Worldwide Media has been officially in operation for 7 years. We provide comprehensive, strategic marketing tools to a wide client base. Our objective is to maximize a vision, introduce products to new markets, and build relationships with our clients, products, and consumers. To increase profits, strategies will be implemented, such as, detailed reports of marketing activities, web mastering product blogs, coordinate campaign material, and promote events, streamline product.

Offline Advertisement Utilization
Radio (Lead Capture)
TV (Lead Capture)
Online Advertisement Utilization
Paid placements
WebSite / Graphic designers / WEB mastering
Retail Portals
Organic Visibility
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Diig, Stumble, LinkedIn)

Here are a few examples of former or current clients that we have worked with

IMG_0101   IMG_0047   IMG_0048Sandra P   iGrindNation Logo   Grants   NGL copy      OTI2013   sen7Logo     BDM LOGO         20110902-124616.jpg


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