IGN World Media – Delivering Exceptional Service Quality

IGN World Media – Delivering Exceptional Service Quality

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Providing high quality multimedia services consistently can be difficult, keeping appointments, calling clients, data management ect. IGN World Media knows how important our role is in the development of a plan and what it takes to see this vision. We take the necessary steps to ensure exceptional service quality. Here are four aspects that we consider that could affect or impact exceptional service quality.

  1. Analysis of your customer’s expectations.


We are clear of our intentions from day one. The only way exceptional services can be delivered is if you completely understand your client needs. This is how we are able to meet these expectations or exceed them. Our customers are satisfied by the “level of detail” we put into our work, and the commitment of our dedicated team. We work closely with our clients directly and keep an open line of communication with them asking them the best way we can serve tem.


  1. IGN World Media Service Quality Specifications


After taking the time to understand our clients and how we can properly serve them, we apply goals that will ensure good service delivery. These goals are directly related to employee performance. Since IGN World Media believe in a team approach, everyone’s performance is gaged. Our Service Order managers (frontline mgmt.) are here to help the project flow from the initial concept design to the post project deliverables.


  1. IGN World Media Do NOT Micro Manage, We Actively Manage!


When understand that there are many time sensitive marketing projects that need completion. We expect everyone on our team to perform well. We provide our staff with adequate information about our clients, and consumers so they will know how to do their job effectively and efficiently.


  1. IGN World Media Set Realistic Expectations


We challenge our staff by setting realistic goals and rewards when these goals are exceeded. We stand by our word that ‘if we advertise it… we will deliver it!’ We stand by our belief that “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” –Keith Burroughs


Our goal at IGN World Media is to provide a body of knowledge and concepts to help further organizations’ goals.

Need Marketing?

IGN World Media conducts a number of marketing research techniques to better understand our clients buying decision processes. We use conventional and non-conventional methods to ensure the success of our client’s products and services. We offer marketing strategies with your budget in mind.


IGN World Media knows that Brand Distinction happens when you develop, design and implement distinctive consumer product brands that get the consumer excited about, want to experience and buy. In other words, creating “Brand Distinction” means not being a carbon Copy of brands that already exist in the marketplace. It’s a meeting of the minds; finding new market space; and finding unique ways to inspire customers to buy your product.


IGNWM demonstrate professionalism and extreme attention to detail when dealing clients. IGN Worldwide Media strive to keep REAL relationships thriving between project managers and our clients to attain maximum results. We specialize in Marketing, Branding, Production, and Digital Distribution. We market unsigned artist by giving them a platform to sell their music, copyright protection, publishing, photo shoots exposure, and street team management.


We provide comprehensive, strategic marketing tools to a wide client base. Our objective is to maximize a vision, introduce products to new markets, and build relationships with our clients, products, and consumers. To increase profits, strategies will be implemented, such as, detailed reports of marketing activities, web mastering product blogs, coordinate campaign material, and promote events, streamline product.


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