Keith Burroughs Blog – New Clients Projects APR 2014

From time to time I like to keep everyone updated on whats new in IGN World Media. We have some exciting news and developments for everyone. First on my list I’d like to welcome our new clients NowThatsEntertainment, NaturalRemedies911, Kelly’s Connectables, Blacks Productions, and The Nj Lawyer.

#NowThatsEntertainment #NowThatsET  www.NowThatsEntertainment.Biz 


Headed by founder and promotions genius Ricky Coley, #NowThatsET bring premium entertainment to Delaware, New Jersey, and New York City! Did I mention that their Founder is a promotions Genius. Rick Coley has single handedly cornered the promotions concert market featuring mature CLEAN entertainment thats wholesome and fun for all ages. The last concert was Monica and Carl Thomas held at the beautiful TD Bank Arts Centre last month in March. (WOW at the turnout)

May 10 2014 We will help NowThatsEntertainment welcome the legendary Guitar player George Benson to the TD Bank Arts Center (Washington Township High School) located in Sewell NJ. I have to mention that Rick Coley was the first person to bring a multiplatinum artist to ( southern Nj area) If you need to purchase any tickets for his upcoming events or shows please visit www.NowThatsEntertainment.Biz

Natural Remedies 911 #NaturalRemedies911 #NR911


Natural Remedies 911 is a family owned company that specialize in healing the body naturally. They are licensed professionals who have a wealth of knowledge on how to cleanse your body of parasites, and toxins. They have a unique approach to healing; where if you maintain a clean colon you then can maintain a clean body. They offer an assortment of product that help your digestion track, remove unwanted parasites, and restore the natural order of your body with their probiotic.

Personally I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge just from the daily marketing consultations and having tried out their products myself. I feel lighter and seem to feel less sluggish. Short n Sweet I recommend the colon cleanse kit to anyone who need a good flushing. You can explore their product line and visit them on the web at and while you’re there make sure you leave a positive comment on the newly designed website developed by yours truly.

Kelly’s Connectables #KellysConnectables ( coming Soon )


I wrote a nice lengthy blog about this amazing inventor earlier today. In short, her name is Kelly and she have an amazing product that will be released shortly. We are working night and day to make her invention a reality. I’m so excited  I don’t want to give away too much. Stay Tuned! In the mean time make sure you “Like” her Facebook page called  “Kelly’s Conncetables”

The NJ Lawyer #TheNJLawyer #ChristieNicholson


This is a unique legal service unlike any legal service I have ever encountered. First and foremost when you think of a consultation from a lawyer you think that you are going to have to dig deep in your pockets. Well at least deep enough to get the real help  you need to research a topic or win a case. Christie Nicholson is the official #TheNjLAWYER who is bridging the gap between expensive legal advice and affordable legal services. Visit and schedule a consultation today! If you need a consultation you can email


Stay Tuned I’m in the process of finalizing a deal with a venue that will be a ultra Social experience. Wish me luck! More great news is on the way.

We specialize in Marketing Multimedia! Web Builders with a personalized touch of you in mind. SEO that make sure your page comes up in Google the first time its searched. Graphic designers that capture your vision while giving you professional input that enable your brand to catch the eyes of your audience. We are #IGNWORLDMEDIA 

Until Next time understand that life only happens when you rig it, fail, get up, fall, and fail again. Its called trail and error. For years I struggled with people not believing in my dreams and goals when really I needed to believe. So my best advice is DO NOT LET ANYONE DETER YOU FROM you being the beautiful creature you are!

You wouldn’t believe even if I told you all the hours I spend on being the best Marketing Project manager I can be. On the technical end, to the design, implementation end. I got you covered.


-Keith Burroughs Sr.

CEO IGN World Multimedia #IGNWorldMedia



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