In The Music Biz It Pays To Know Your Worth

How Much Are You Currently Worth In The Rap Game?

It kills me when I see talented artist waste their time making a bunch of mixtapes and never take the time or effort into creating an album. I truly believe that if you keep giving people free music they will never buy a single, or an album from you. Working on a mixtape is cool but thats all it is. Back in the early 2000’s doing a mixtape had a massive impact on your rap career. Now there’s a new mixtape on every 20 seconds. The problem is 90% of the music is garbage. The true purpose of “promotions” is just that. Promotional items might get you recognized, but not paid. Here’s some advice on how you can turn your music into cold hard cash:


1. Take Your Time! (Stop trying to be Jay Z in the booth)






“A One Take” recordings don’t make you a professional. Usually it mean that you didn’t book enough studio time to do it right. Realistically most mainstream artist use countless studio hours to compose ,record, level, mix, and master songs. Remember one mastered song can bring you more cash then a whole mixtape that you give away for free. Personally I’d rather sell 100 cd’s than give away 5000 mixtapes.

2. Understand The Business!  


To be able to compete in today’s music arena you have to understand how publishing, royalties, split sheets and everything that involves a paycheck work. Do not let people you don’t know handle your business. I know some artist that get TLC’d because they lack a small business owner mind state.

3. Copyright Everything!


I know artist who complain that people stole their music while they were at the studio. Or artsit who fight over beats that came from the same producer. Copyrights protect you from all these scenarios. There’s no debate of who owns a beats when you hold the copyrights.

4. Get a Strong Team!


Teamwork make the dream work! All the people around you can be put to work. Usually when rappers go to the studio they bring 20 people with them. PUT THEM TO WORK. make a street team captain, a internet web development captain ect. Having a in house team help when you need to release a song or need promotion for an event that you’re appearing at. It also helps when you hire someone like me to handle you social media, or create a strategy for your project. The more people thats working for you, the more money you will generate.


5. Quality Over Quantity!


I know several artist that dropped 10 mixtapes in the last 5 years. Thats ridiculous if you are not getting paid for them. Spamming people with music is not going to help your rap career. Rather it will become annoying  and people will not want to hear your music. Concentrate on quality commercial music that can be played on the radio. Having 308768 curse words in a 16 bar verse is not going to make it to the radio. Lil wayne can afford to curse and get bleeped in his songs because he’s RICH and famous….. your not (at least not yet) so keep the curse words to a minimum. 


6. Be Creative!


Stop following the current wave and be original. If you become a trend setter people will appreciate your artistry more.


7. Hire Real Music Professionals!

keith logo

You might think I’m contradicting myself when I said use the people around you to create a street team and now I’m saying hire real music professionals. Well there’s a balance that need to be in place. I tell people all the time “you’re not going to Best Buy to purchase a Steak” meaning if I want a good steak Im going to go to a butcher. If I want an iPhone I’m going to go to the Apple store. If you want good marketing… use professionals who do marketing for a living. ( like ) They will have more contacts, and more marketing strategies to implement that will generate cash.


8. The Project Cover!

Wilson Album Cver 1.0

Stop cutting corners especially on your project cover. Understand that before a potential fan listen to your music they will see YOUR CD COVER! So doesn’t it make sense to have your cd looking really nice. First impressions are everything, so before you drop your next project, make sure that the cover is nothing less than beautiful. This will generate you cash from the door. Visit for more information about his project “On The Inside” #WilsonBuntonMusic.


9. Know Your  Worth!


Start charging fellow artist to appear on their tracks. They will appreciate you as an artist more if they had to pay for your services. If you keep throwing your 16’s out for free you’ll never make any money on the front or back end. Know your worth and progressively up your fees as you grow and network.

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