Ecommerce Marketing – Consumer Buying Decision Process

Ecommerce Marketing – Consumer Buying Decision Process

In order to understand the types of products to sell to a target market of consumers, it is very important to understand the Consumer Buying Decision Process. It is the basis of which everyone buy products or services. Knowing this will assist independent artist sell their music, business owners better price their products, and inventors understand the challenges of introducing new products into the marketplace. This article is important for anyone who’d like to be informed about his or her customers purchase decision-making process.

 There are 5 stages to the customer buying decision Process.

  1. Problem Recognition – This is when you recognize or see a need for something else. For example you have an outdated website and see the need for a newer more responsive mobile friendly website. You therefore decide to get your website upgraded.


  1. The Information Search – This stage involves gathering the right information to further the decision process. Information can help a consumer remedy the problem presented in the recognition phase. Consumers usually do two types of searches when trying to solve a problem. An Internal search is done in your head to find memories of what can be done to solve a problem. Usually and external search is followed up when you use the Internet or ask friends for advice of who to turn to.


  1. Evaluation Of Alternatives – After doing an informative internal / external search, you will find an assortment of brands and services that could cater to your need. These services will fix your problem that you have clearly identified. Marketers can influence a customers evaluation by ‘Framing’ alternatives. This is the process of setting out what makes them different from the competition. For example by showing music artist that we do more than just record, mix, and master their music IGN World Media can take the hassle out of creating a project. We also offer legal consultation for contract negotiation as well as digital marketing for your finished product. These alternatives can greatly affect the decision process of how consumers make purchases.


  1. Purchase – In the purchase phase, the consumer made up their mind on the product or band that needs to be bought. The availability often times can affect the purchasing process. The selection of a product or service is a direct reflection of the Evaluation Of Alternatives stage. Sometimes in competitive markets you determine your purchase on the seller. The price of a service can be the reason why you make a purchase. Consider for example you want to buy a pair of Jordan’s. At one sneaker store they are asking for $220.00 and at another sneaker store they are charging you $199.00 for the same sneaker. You most likely will make the conscious decision to buy the sneaker at the lower price. So price, delivery, warranty, maintenance, terms and conditions affect the purchase phase in all consumers.


  1. Purchase Evaluation – after the purchase is made the consumer will gauge the level of performance to see if it holds up to their expectation. This relates to the Evaluation of Alternatives stage where the ‘framing of Alternatives’ helped guide the consumer into making the purchase possible.  Cognitive dissonance happens shortly after making a purchase. This is when you have doubts of the usefulness of the purchase.


IGN World Media conducts a number of marketing research techniques to better understand our clients buying decision processes. We use conventional and non-conventional methods to ensure the success of our client’s products and services. We offer marketing strategies with your budget in mind.


IGN World Media knows that Brand Distinction happens when you develop, design and implement distinctive consumer product brands that get the consumer excited about, want to experience and buy. In other words, creating “Brand Distinction” means not being a carbon Copy of brands that already exist in the marketplace. It’s a meeting of the minds; finding new market space; and finding unique ways to inspire customers to buy your product.


IGNWM demonstrate professionalism and extreme attention to detail when dealing clients. IGN Worldwide Media strive to keep REAL relationships thriving between project managers and our clients to attain maximum results. We specialize in Marketing, Branding, Production, and Digital Distribution. We market unsigned artist by giving them a platform to sell their music, copyright protection, publishing, photo shoots exposure, and street team management.


We provide comprehensive, strategic marketing tools to a wide client base. Our objective is to maximize a vision, introduce products to new markets, and build relationships with our clients, products, and consumers. To increase profits, strategies will be implemented, such as, detailed reports of marketing activities, web mastering product blogs, coordinate campaign material, and promote events, streamline product.

Written by Keith Burroughs


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