R2L Reasons To Live


Have you ever been to a pantry?

I have and just from the experiences that I have encountered in the past, it has prompted me to create my own non profit agency that address hunger in my local community. Most pantries are these dark places where people are packed in a room waiting for people to give them food. This is a good thing, but what if you have a nice well lit area with nice music played and you are actually greeted with energetic warm people with smiles on their faces. People that will treat you with dignity, respect and leaving you with a sense of hope. Where are these people????


R2L Mission Statement

“As one of Gloucester Counties newly established food banks, our mission is to end hunger in the Gloucester region by organizing food, educating the community on disaster relief, and helping local families in need of food. R2L tackles the hunger issue on three fronts — food distribution, food drives, and fundraising using music production as a vehicle — all strategically guided by research and web based marketing.”


We believe that if we create a positive environment that’s infused by music education we have found the missing niche that other companies have failed to incorporate. I was told by someone that “music is food for your soul”. This is especially true when you think about the positive force that music have on our younger generation. We want to educate youngsters about the in and outs of the music industry. We call this program MUSICAL FOOD INITIATIVE.

What’s MFI?

The Musical Food Initiative was created for two reasons. We want to educate local youngsters about the power of music production, and to feed our local community using food donations from the exact community it came from. We will have several seminars education and sparking an interest in our local youth about music production, musical publishing, and web development marketing. They will get keen advise how to use different music production software suites and create an actual product that they can share with their family and friends. How does the MFI model relate to hunger?. In order to gain access to the educational resources available through iGrindNation LLC, each participant have to donate at least 6 cans of food per household. This way we are feeding the same community that is donating the foods and goods.

My Reason 2 Live 

I grew up in a small apartment in Brooklyn New York. City life has its ups and downs. There were many nights where my mother had to borrow food from neighbors and friends (putting her pride aside) just to feed her three children. These are memories that not only humble me, but are imprinted in my mind forever of the struggles that families go through. Hunger is an issue that impact all races, ethnicity, and social-cultural classes. I knew that I wanted to create an idea of how to generate food for people while at the same time offering a service.

The vision was to have a location that gives the community a chance to get involved and help one another out, while learning something at the same time. Education is the key, because without upcoming generations will be impacted by unemployment, and HUNGER. It is our intention to fight hunger on several fronts. We will provide food for:

  • Anyone in need of food
  • Transitional housing facilities in Philadelphia, and New Jersey
  • Home Base Location in Woodbury NJ
  • Referrals from other non profit organizations

You do not need to be on any special list to be considered for food assistance, nor do you have to qualify based on monthly gross income. We will give food to ANYONE that is need of food.

My Vision

My vision is to start on a local scale. The first thing that will be needed is a stock pile of food items. R2L will reach out to all local food pantries, local / commercial food outlets asking them for support in the form of food supplies. This will be the foundation of how we plan on getting the necessary help for local families in need of food. We will then find a dietitian consultant to make sure that the food that we are providing is up to the government standards for nutrition and and a sound source of energy for the people eating it. This will not be a hard task at first because we will be in close constant contact with all of the other non profit organizations in the tri-state area.

I am recruiting the smartest and brightest people to work alongside to make this business plan into a reality.


There isnt a such thing as a “One Man Army”. We need to get the community behind us because after all, they are the driving force behind R2L. We have created a special nitch that is called the R2L Life Cycle. We will have food donated to R2L from various people living in the same neighnorhoods that we are feeding. This way we have identified a problem that is also working on a solution. Feeding people is only the beginning, we are dedicated to creating an environment that’s positive and reinforce self esteem. We will offer the following services whenever we recieve can goods from local residents:

  • Free seminars about Music Production
  • Free seminars about Web Site Design / Web Development
  • Free Counseling services from our sister companies
  • Free Job referrals from our sister non profit companies

Just to name a few. We are dedicated to putting in all the time needed to make this project a success. We are currently in the process of getting a major petition together and filing for our 501 c3 tax non profit status.

Social Responsibilty

We are dedicated to making sure that the funds given to us is used in the manner for which we have described. This area will be controlled exclusively by me and members of of board. We have a responsibility to our community to be honest and mindful of any surplus amounts of funds be immediately donated to another non profit organization that is aligned with our Hunger educational initiatives.


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