Project X

Brooklyn Project X (All Black Everything)

iGrindNation LLC is conducting a Borough wide search for musical artist.

This is not a sweepstakes or a sleezy promotion.

We will find the best and the brightest to be apart of a compilation album called “The Brooklyn Project X” Album.

We want to see the “Real YOU!” in action no fancy showbiz acts. The following genres are currently accepted:

Hip Hop / Rap (Clean please, it has be radio ready) POP, RnB, Gospel, Inspirational. We are also looking

for songwriters, and Producers who want to showcase their talent and abilities.

Entry into our talent search is completely free; and there will not be any upfront costs to you in ANY WAY.

We believe that hard work should pay off and you shouldn’t be charged to submit music.

Please submit music in MP3 format ONLY.

If you email your submission in any other format

(WAV AIF ect) you will be automatically disqualified (for being hard headed) although

this Project is titled for Brooklyn, we are opening the talent search and pool beyond Brooklyn.

You can be from anywhere as long as your music speaks for itself.

EMAIL all Submissions to

Please BE ORIGINAL! No one wants to hear a carbon copy of something we are currently hearing on the Radio.

Make sure you are using CLEARED Production that is previously purchased.

Shakespeare said “To Thine Own Self Be True” Meaning be You and not the man / woman next to you.

Ok so here’s the fast talking Disclaimer Guy that shows up after commercials are done:

iGrindNation LLC or its sponsors are not affiliated with

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media sites.

We are simple guys n Gals looking for talented individuals who really need that promotional push.

Like previously discussed, this is a FREE talent Search therefore entitlement is absolutely ZERO. It is up to the discretion of the panel of six Judges who will chosen to be represented on “The Brooklyn Project X” Album.

All Music submission must have clearance from the producer who created the musical composition. Please keep in mind that the outcome of this project Will in fact be shopped for placement in DJ pools and on Radio.

(Clean music is imperative) If you are not sure how to Rap in a fashion that’s not vulgar (maybe its time to find another career path)
If you are one of the lucky Artist choose for this Project you will be required to

Sign a contract stating the financial breakdown of Sales, and a NDA (that’s a non Disclosure Agreement),

this is protecting both the interest of the project and You the artist.

Any Questions please email

Good Luck!

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Keith Kaelo Burroughs
CEO Founder of iGrindNation LLC


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