Keith Kaelo Burroughs


Hello My name is Keith Burroughs SR I am a freelance Project manager. I have spent the last 10 years handling music artist, booking concerts, and marketing Nightclubs in Philadelphia. Listed below is a fraction of the projects I have been involved in throughout my successful career.

Now Thats Entertainment –  Creative Project Manager Working alongside CEO Rick Coley has been a pleasure. He has been a mentor of mine for several years now. I was excited when I got the call from him to market and launch a concert at the beautiful TD Bank Arts Centre. In March we did a concert headlining platinum rnb Diva Monica Brown with special invited guest Carl Thomas. The show was wonderful. I was the Marketing project manager for this event. I designed some of the materials, and built the official Now Thats Entertainment web site We are currently working on the next project “George Benson” at the TD Bank Arts Centre on May 10 2014. We have so many surprises in store for our concert attendees in the up coming months.


Update: 8-5-2014 The George benson concert was a huge success. We are now currently working on a big “All White Red Carpet” event taking place towards the end of this month. For more information about Now Thats Entertainment, please visit their exclusive website



About IGN World Media – small logo demonstrate professionalism and extreme attention to detail when dealing clients. IGN Worldwide Media strive to keep REAL relationships thriving between project managers and our clients to attain maximum results. We specialize in Marketing, Branding, Production, and Digital Distribution. We market unsigned artist by giving them a platform to sell their music, copyright protection, publishing, photo shoots exposure, street team management, and event coordination. Check us out online at

We develop, design and implement distinctive consumer product brands that get the consumer excited about, want to experience and buy. In other words, creating “brand distinction” means not being a carbon Copy of brands that already exist in the marketplace. It’s a meeting of the minds; finding new market space; and finding unique ways to inspire customers to buy yiGrindNation Logoour product.

About iGrindNation LLC #iGrindNation IGrindNation is an umbrella company that exists to help artist and small business owners, independent record label owners, make up artist, and music producers succeed in life. We all work hard, so the real question should be: Whats’ Your Grind? We bridge the gap between how people interact with each other creating leverage.




Here are a few projects from the past to present… Gamble and Huff Talent Showcase (2011) Rick Coley and I put this event together. I had a wonderful time coordinating the artist that performed and promoting this event. It’s not every day you’re able to have your artist perform in front of musical legends. This showcase was done in Philadelphia at TSOP (the sounds of Philadelphia) The show had performances by Aaron Kane, Ria Sade, Burgundy Randall and many more. It was one of my most cherished accomplishments. I’d like to give special thanks to Gamble and Huff for allowing me to do such a show.




Fast Money Entertainment #FME IMG_0047Most of the credit for the success of the parties that I’ve done marketing for has to go to the brains of the operation, Poppy Gotti. CEO of Fast Money Entertainment (@poppyGotti on twitter and Instagram) we met in 2011 and have been close friends ever since. I am the marketing Vice President of Fast Money Entertainment. It started out as “Ciroc Da House” We now host every second Friday (We R Fridays). We started from the ground up and slowly built a following by utilizing social networking, and coordinating street teams around the tri state.




Statuz Night Club (Formerly known as 90 Degrees) Everybody think that working for a nightclub is the most glamorous job ever.. It is!!! I do marketing at one of the hottest nightclubs in the city. StatuzNightclub is located 600 Spring Garden. Featuring floors 5 bars a Ciroc Room with a pole Sky box VIP luxurious atmosphere with strong drinks, 90 Degrees Night Club is a socialites dream. We have seen our fair share of Artist (Meek Mill, Mary J. Blige, Drake, French Montana, Jada Kiss, 2 Chains, Lloyd, and Jim Jones, Juicy J and Dru Hill) and so many more. The secret to our success is vigorous marketing.


Nu Era Flight Skool Project Nu Era consists of JDot and Young Rav both artists from Jersey. Their flow is witty and clean. Let me explain, some rappers try to get so deep that the message delivered becomes confusing. This is not Nu era. You can clearly understand whatever they are rapping about, and its catchy. No Gimmicks.. I had a lot of fun helping out with the production, promotion, recording, and distribution of this project. We even did two videos one for his track “Hold Up” where we taped his Video right in Pennsgroove New Jersey, and “Purple” was taped at club Front in Pennsauken NJ, and Super D’s in Pennsgroove. This is also the first Music Video that I Co Directed.


The Bunton Project “On the Inside” #WilsonBunton I met Wilson Bunton on a job we both were manager of, at first we both looked at each other like “go away”…. until we found our common ground… Music!! We immediately became good friends and begin working on a gospel / Inspirational project later called “On the Inside.” Out of eight years of working with artist and producers, the music I make with Wilson is legendary. It’s different because of how it makes you feel. “I Rose” is a song that can give great advise to people that’s broken hearted, or feel the pressures of life. The album is done. I can’t wait to market it. We’ve had the pleasure to record at AudioMaxx Studios with the legendary Grammy nominee Super producer and remixer Mr. Mig ( Wilson Bunton is also an executive at iGrindNation. His reach and range with music is uncanny. He’s warm and patient with people in the studio, and carries out his life in the same manner. I’m proud to work alongside him because I know that there is a friendship, honesty, and most of all trust. We are currently shopping his tracks and waiting for the right type of angel investor that can share in the joy and success of his Album. The first single that we plan on dropping is called “I Rose”. Visit Wilsons page on the website to learn more about this exciting song and a general ETA of when you can expect to hear the album. If you enjoy Wilson Bunton’s song please let him know by logging on to his Facebook page


Str8 BangerZ Mixtape Brand Str8 BangerZ is an iGrindNation Mixtape dropped in 2011. It was a series of crazy songs by industry artists that made this project an instant classic. It featured local artist like Nu Era (from NJ) and LC (from Philly). The thing that I loved about doing this project was the versatility of the artist. Working with DJ Linkxxx was the best thing to do, because he incorporated a gritty mid-west feel to the project, as well as introduced people like 2 Chains (at the time of the release of this project he went by the name of tity boi) It shows me that we were way ahead of our time even back then. Download you free copy of this mixtape by searching for Str8 Bangerz Vol 1 in your favorite search engine. R.I.P. DJ LINKXXX GONE BUT CERTAINLY NOT FORGOTTEN.


Memorial Day Yacht Party Extravaganza This event was a site to see. We had our own artist performing right on the docks in Philadelphia. Nu Era performed, Remy Polo Performed as well as several other acts. It was Memorial Day, so of course there was free food for everyone in attendance. I hooked up with DJ LINKXXX (a major DJ out in Cincinnati) and Dj 6Pac (the official Slip n Slide DJ) and got a yacht in Philadelphia and three a crazy Party! So shouts out to them! DJ 6Pac also has his own recording label 978 Records.


2013 Launch of #BKLYNPROJECT Our New team of marketing professionals decided to take it back to the essence of music and our roots to discover new emerging artist. So we will comb the mean streets of Brooklyn for our next exclusive project. Brooklyn Natives will provide not only the talent, but also the production. This exciting project is sponsored by iGrindNation LLC new investor initiative who believes that we will project a classic project. We will be teaming up with Canvas Fotografi (located in Brooklyn) For more information about this project please email me directly at instagram @iGrindnation Twitter @iGrindNation



BDM RecordZ (October 2013)  With over 10 years of experience in music creating and music management, we are excited to launch a new urban music entity called BAM Dope Music Recordz. Our first client is a young Philadelphia artist name Fat Curt. His lyrical ability and obvious maturity not only landed him a record deal but equity in the brand. I jumped aboard the label as the Chief Operating Officer. With hard work and dedication to the brand, this new role will expand the iGrindNationLLC platform. iGrindnation will now have the ability to facilitate our well known platform, transforming it into a worldwide marketplace for unsigned artist, media, nightlife and fashion.   Projects Under my management kb portfolio



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  1. its definitely time to work harder! I just opened up an office in Philadelphia where I will be expanding our Grant writing Business! check out for more information.

  2. Towan Sellars says:

    What’s going on sir, I looked over accomplishments and came away impressed. I have a artist/friend that I’ve been working with for about 2years now and think he will fit in perfect for what your doing over there. His name is Runtdawg and is associated with Gilla house records but not signed. The brother is totally lyrical and right now I thinks its his time so if you have the time go on youtube look him up and tell me what you think. We are from Newark, n.j. but now he resides in Highland Park, n.y. and I reside in Charlotte, n.c. but we’ll travel if your interested. Thank you. Towan Sellars-704-284-0271

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